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Your car airconditioner is a multi-component system within your vehicle, designed much like a refrigerator. Its purpose is to move warm air out of the car and replace it with cool conditioned air.

Servicing and repairing your car air conditioning system requires special procedures and licencing to ensure safety and prevent environmental damage.

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What can you do for my AC?

At Derek Steen's Auto Care workshop in Castlemaine, we provide a broad range of AC services:

  • Annual inspections and check ups
  • Refrigerant top ups
  • Complete system recharge including vacuum discharge
  • Leak inspections, using either UV dye or an Electronic Gas Detector
  • Diagnosis of problems, including electrical faults
  • Components replacement. Compressors, Condensors, Evaporators, Hoses, Receiver/Dryers, TX valves etc.
  • All R134A systems
  • Retrofit R12 systems with R134A or charge with HyChill
  • Evacuate/Discharge systems properly so they can be dismantled in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Replace cabin/interior air filters
  • Diagnose and treat bad smells with an in-car antibacterial system

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ARC Tick by Australian Refrigeration Council approved

We have an ArcTick licence - Licence # AU00780

Does my AC need service?

Like a lot of other systems on your vehicle, your air conditioner contains moving and wearing parts. Leaks can develop, seals can dry up and fail, compressors can seize, condensors can be damaged from rocks flying up on the road and cabin filters can clog up with dirt and develop bacteria and bad smells. Under normal operation your air conditioner is becoming less and less efficient with every passing day. 

We recommend you have your AC checked every year. It is not pleasant to have your air conditioning system fail on a hot summer day.

If your AC no longer blows cold air, it most definitely needs to be looked at.

Why does the AC need a re-gas?

Usually a leak develops which lets the refrigerant escape into the atmosphere. Even under normal conditions, refrigerant will slowly leak because not every seal is 100% perfect, but the rate of leakage should be very, very slow (i.e. take years to cause a problem).

If there is a serious leak, it not only prevents operation of your AC, but it risks letting moisture from the atmosphere back into the system and causing further and much more expensive damage to the AC. If the leak is not properly fixed before a re-gas, it is also an environmental hazard, as AC refridgerant is a controlled ozone depleting gas.

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